Good Day / Bad Day

The Good: Well, great, actually. Not usually one to spend much time on the phone, I got a call from The Fixx’s Rupert Greenall today, thanking me again for organizing the gathering after the band’s show at Santa Cruz. Rupe’s a scream – not much you can do to get a word in edgewise, so you just listen and laugh!

Then I got a call from The International Superstar himself, Shane Rogers, sharing details about his visit with IMS historian Donald Davidson among other things. Always good fun to chat with him. We met at Texas not long after I had surgery, and he’s been aware of the road bumps and keeps asking after my condition. Smart, funny, attractive, dedicated and a good guy – this is the kind of guy you want as a friend.  And as an employee for your IndyCar entity. Jussayin’. 🙂

The Bad: It feels like I’m forming adhesions in my abdomen. Had surgery in there three years ago, and this most recent bout uncovered loads of adhesions – all my organs were stuck together. Feels like it’s happening again – the usual stretching or too much walking and there’s a pain in my tummy. The fix if it keeps on this way? More surgery. And what causes adhesions? Surgery!  LOL! Left work a little early because I was hurting a bit. Bubble bath and early to bed for Bashie tonight  – more hours in the “off” position gives a better chance at getting some decent sleep.

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