Go, Girl!

Powered by Pink: Okay, so only those of you here in the west will have actually SEEN this stuff anywhere, but I am officially in complete adoration of Go Girl Energy Drink. I have one a day, laced with my Tunguska Blast supplement, as a part of my healthy, well-balanced breakfast. (That’s usually lightly-buttered wheat toast, oatmeal, and yogurt or some such.) Go Girl is sugar free and citrus-berry flavored, much tastier than the other energy drinks I’ve tried, and a portion of sales go to fight breast cancer. Seems there was a run on the stuff recently – I couldn’t find it at my usual Safeway stores and was down to my last can. I had to trudge clear to the Marina to the Safeway called “Dateway” to find it. Fortunately, on a Sunday morning the date seekers were sleeping off their hangovers, so I got 18 cans of Go Girl without having to dodge aisles of dressed-to-the-nines 20-somethings, looking for luuuurve in the produce section. The things we do for our beverage of choice…

Right Tasty Wee Biscuits: ‘er, cookies, if yer a Yank. Tuesday is the International Food Fair at work – it’s a potluck people donate food and buy tickets to, all benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network. I volunteered a dessert and have begun the process of cranking out a small mountain of yummy, lemony shortbread cookies, in honor of my Scottish ancestors. Fortunately, not ALL of our 700+ employees attend this thing, so three batches will more than meet the quota I have to hit…if I don’t eat ’em all. *grin* Wash ’em down with a Go Girl, and I’ll be good to go for days!

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