Gabrielle’s a Tropical Gal(e)

Rain’s a Comin’, and Guess Who’s Coverin’ It…: I have friends in the southeast and mid-Atlantic states who are willing to put up with some of the potential wind damage to get some of TS Gabrielle’s drought-ending rain. Between endless chores and errands today I popped on the Weather Channel to keep track of her, and yup, there is Mr. Hurricane himself, Jim Cantore. No prima donna, this guy – can’t imagine him saying “unless it’s a Cat 3 or higher, I’m staying home.” If the wind picks up and the surf is rough, the dude is THERE. Here’s hoping my friends get no wind damage and the rain they need in manageable doses…

Dario on the Pole: Franchitti took the pole for the final race of the Indy Car season, and has 4 drivers between himself and challenger Scott Dixon. Tune in tomorrow for the season-ending mayhem, which includes the Roth Racing cars sporting green monsters as the livery. Way cooool!

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