Gabrielle’s a Fizzle; Green Flag’s Coming!

Staying Dry: So, she’s just skirting the outer banks, that Gabrielle Gal(e). My friends are a bit too far inland to get her rains, so they remain extremely dry.

Staying Safe: Here’s hoping the Indy Car and IPS races at Chicagoland Speedway stay safe. Lots on the line in both series, and one entrant in the IPS pulled out due to the dangers of starting so far back in the field on an oval. My MySpace pal Ryan Justice decided to sit this one out after being in a similar spot at Homestead this spring and getting involved in a serious wreck. It’s a matter of economics, as his family is invested in his ride and doesn’t want to risk the $. Instead, they’ll save for his future. The ICS race will be a barn burner, if it holds true to their history at this track.

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