Funky Friday

Low Key: It started last night, when I spent over two hours trying to talk to a friend who was driving through northeastern Ohio. Talk about dropped calls! Was a nice chat, though. (And if you’re reading this, my friend, these words from me to you: hands-free device. :p ) This morning, I got some strength training and yoga stretches in, and spent another hour or so trying to chat with above friend while the drive continued through Western New York state. More dropped calls – LOL! Meantime, I was following IndyCar practice at Watkins Glen, which was delayed due to baby deer bounding around the infield. They eventually relocated them and the cars got underway, but it was comical to watch the track workers think they had half a chance to catch the little sprites without an army. A few texts came bouncing in, including one from Diamond in Oswego, and one from Rupert of The Fixx – both saying “Happy 4th.” Watched the Nationwide race while chatting online with above-mentioned pal (no more dropped calls!) and I coined my new pet name for the series: Yawnin’Wide. Hamlin, Ky. Busch and Junebug were yer podium there. In general a much-needed, quiet 4th with a nice walk and quite a few laughs. A multiple-home-run kinda day… 😉

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