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REPOST: Using babies as man traps…

Why do females get preggers to try and trap guys?

I was just reading the profile of someone whom I’ve always wondered about on that front – he’s not too bright, and at the time, there was a nice pile of money in his life – and it got me to thinking about this topic. Who could ever be so desperate and selfish as to use an innocent human life in such a way? Drop a kid with one guy, and if he doesn’t go for it, try another one. Eventually, they end up with a fool they can control and manipulate, and PRESTO! – the idiot spends his life trapped under the world’s largest thumb. (“Oh, and give Mummie your receipts…did you spend it all?”)

And then there are the children…most of the time, they’re just little pawns in a game. They suffer the worst of it, with a mom who treats them like they’re merely the ties that bind, and a dad with no spine, suffocated and emotionally wrecked. Gotta suck when your parents are TRASH like that.

Off my soapbox now..

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