T.G.I.F: It’s my Friday – taking a four-day weekend to enjoy the IndyCar action at Infineon Raceway and to spend time in Sonoma with good food and conversation. First up, though – dinner in The City with a visiting friend. I’ve noticed a pattern after living here for over a decade – when folks come to San Francisco, they usually fall into three categories when it comes to dining out:

  1. Foodie – they want to try the hottest restaurant in the Michelin guide, which of course will be hard to get into. Now I don’t mind a good meal, but I really hate the “see and be seen” scene that usually goes along with the “hot spots” in The City.
  2. Tourist – the tour bus or gimmick restaurants are a nightmare. The line’s out the door to get in, the service is spotty and the food is inconsistent at best. And you can often expect a three-ring circus for atmosphere. These places exhaust me.
  3. Enthusiast – doesn’t have to be fancy, or even a real sit-down place, although it might be. These folks like what they like and they go every time they’re here because you can’t get it where they live. This is more fun for me than the other two, even if I don’t particularly love the place they love. I have these places myself, back in Indiana, and it goes beyond food and into ritual to get a meal there. I enjoy seeing others have the same experience.

Fortunately, my visitor is an Enthusiast and we’ll be grabbing a meal at a quintessentially-Californian fast food place that I love as well. There will be plenty of time for more fancy food the rest of the weekend! *grin*

Speaking of Sonoma: I will be taking loads of pictures and trying to blog from Infineon. At the very least, I may get a report or a photo or two posted here during the weekend. A more comprehensive post will likely appear here on Monday.

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