Eli’s Coming!

Eli’s Arrived, Actually: I wasn’t into this Superbowl as much as the last one, but it’s awfully cool to see Eli Manning follow in his brother Peyton’s footsteps and get the Superbowl MVP along with a ring and a nice new ride. Turned on the TV in the 4th quarter and I’m glad I did. What a finish! Wonder if Eli will drop the green flag on the Indy 500 like Peyton did last time…that would just be perfect!

Is it March Yet?: I’m seriously jonesin’ for open wheel racing to start. And Grand-Am sportscars and ALMS. Even Formula 1. I may even break down and watch the Daytona 500 here in a couple of weeks, just to see some wheels turn. I still have the Chili Bowl pay-per-view on my DVR – I guess I’ll have to get dirty with that again! *grin*

Baker, Baker: Made some majorly-tasty sweet bread yesterday and a nice sourdough today. Starter Joe’s getting tarter – I imagine by summer, my sourdough will be killer!

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