Dry as Toast

Gimme Back My Radio Network!: Bob Jenkins is sitting in for Marty Reid on the TV side of IndyCar coverage this weekend. And we’re back to the TV crew doing quals coverage on Indycar.com. Bob (bless his heart) + Scott Goodyear = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I need my Radio Network guys as often as possible – a girl’s gotta have her Davey Hamilton fix, especially. Slow afternoon at work – most folks are outside at the company picnic. Went out for a bite to eat earlier – loads of cute kids running around. I’m sitting here full of chicken, curried potatoes and ice cream, trying not to nod off…

UPDATE: Lookit that! They’re rolling the radio network as well. Bob, Scott…have a good one. I’ll be sitting over here with Davey…  *grin*

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