Drama, Day 2

Fed Up: Today I was told that I didn’t sound the alarm early enough – totally tossed under the bus – so I have to do this huge project by end of day Thursday as originally scheduled. Not possible. We can’t get any dates out of engineering as to the last day they can receive this work and still get it done – they’ll have to get back to us, they keep saying. So my boss has to drop everything and pitch in and we’re cranking this stuff out as fast as possible. The whole company is going to the Giants/Padres game tomorrow for our annual day at the ballpark, and I get to stay home and write like a mad woman, while my boss locks herself in her office to do likewise. It’s infuriating since 1.) we told our executive team we didn’t have the resources for all these projects when the priorities were being set, and 2.) I’ve been communicating my concern about this to my boss and producer in different formats for about 2 weeks now, and yesterday is the first day anyone decided to act on it. I got really angry today when my boss told me the decision. Several folks noticed my anger and stress and went to my boss with their concerns. She ended the day asking me what else she could do to help, telling me she realizes she and the department as a whole need to do more to support me and all of us in general, etc. I know she means well, but she can’t fix the problems we have by herself, and fixing these problems would be the best support she could give me. She needs strong buy-in from those above her, and those folks have to make their bosses happy, and often times that means doing things that are at cross-purposes to what our team needs. And yet, there’s all this talk about keeping our talent and ironing out these kinds of issues that have people running from the place. It’s been this way far too long and is just getting worse as we explode in size and I’m not sure I have the energy to ride it out and see if it ever does change.

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