Den Mom Likes Blue Moon Ale

Den Mom Lives!: In the past, I’ve organized parties at Santa Cruz when The Fixx played on the beach there. We’ve even been lucky enough to have the band join us as our special guests at these parties. They haven’t played that venue in three years, but will be back on the beach Friday night and suddenly I find myself in charge of planning the party.  (I love doing this sort of thing!) Somewhere along the way, I earned the nickname Den Mom, and it’s nice to step back into that role.

I’m bringing my entire (meager)  liquor cabinet and delegating purchases and contributions to other attendees, and I’ve found a whole mess of basic drink recipes to try on folks. (We usually have our fabulous bartender Ms. Pippi with us, but she’s traveling to Michigan on a family emergency. Love you, my sister…miss you so much…) I’ve built a checklist to make sure we end up having another great gathering. No guarantee the guys will join us this time – it always depends on their travel schedules – but we’ll have a great time, either way. Gotta rest up a lot this week so I can stay up a little later on Friday…  🙂

Blue Moon: A friend of mine tried to order a Blue Moon last weekend when we had lunch at Esparza’s in Grapevine. (They didn’t have it.) I’d never heard of it to that point, but in the last week, I’ve had two others recommend it and read a few references to it. I’m not a huge beer drinker and like my lagers on the light side, so I picked up some Blue Moon this evening and I really enjoyed it. Add that to Boddington’s and Asahi as a beer I will be happy to drink.

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