Crazy Times

Well, Good Morning to You, Too: I left my apartment at 8:15 this morning, on my way to BART to catch the last shuttle to the office. As I got to the front steps, I noticed my neighbor curled up on them, crying. She’s a nice lady, but has a drinking problem and had just gotten back from a long night’s binge. She said she hurt her knee getting out of the cab and couldn’t get up the stairs. We don’t have an elevator, and I couldn’t just leave her there, so I lifted her to her feet and helped her up three flights to her apartment. It took quite a while to get her up the steps -she was busted on one side and too drunk on the other – and I ended up having to get a ZipCar and getting to work pretty late. I talked to her when I got home this evening…she was mostly sobered up and reporting that the xrays she had this afternoon showed no permanent damage. Glad she’s okay. I managed to pull some muscles in my left shoulder while helping her, but that’s responding well to ice and I don’t think it’s serious.

Speaking of Work: Tough day, but it went well in the end. We got our bonuses, and once we got over the fact that Uncle Sam took about half of it away in taxes, we all enjoyed the company barbeque our leaders arranged to celebrate last year’s successes. And today, I had to do some of those “difficult” manager things for the first time, helping both of my writers and some of their team members with some procedural issues and also clarify roles and boundaries.

Healthwise: Doc has confirmed that my condition has returned and ordered up a repeat ultrasound in early May to keep an eye on things. There’s one treatment: surgery. I need to think about which surgery – some techniques can remove the tumors again, but there’s no guarantee I won’t need even more surgery down the road. Other techniques can guarantee no more tumors, but they have consequences I need to fully consider first. (We’re not talking malignant tumors, just really uncomfortable ones.) My comfort level is what will drive the timing of this – when it starts to get really annoying, we’ll schedule surgery, so I need to make my decision about treatment in the next few weeks.

Racin’: I’m loving all the Indy Car radio programs, and really happy there’s no cab race this weekend to take up all my time. I’m liking it well enough to follow my openwheelers each race (and Smoke – wait, he’s an openwheeler, too!), but the Cup races are such a time suck. A friend from Toronto is visiting family here starting tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll see him this weekend instead.

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