Counting Down to Vacation

Four More Days: Heading out Wednesday for a few days of family, fun and fast times in Indianapolis. Seriously need a break, so I’m really looking forward to it. Right now I’m listening to qualifications and practice for the 500 and keeping an eye on the long-range forecast for the 25th, which looks great one day and dismal the next…

Tour More Days: More Fixx dates, including one in Vegas that got bumped to a Saturday (July 26). That makes it much more doable and it’s on my short list for a little summer diversion. (Just gotta build up some defenses for the drama and bullshit show that often accompanies that scene…*sigh*)

Snore More Days: Neeed Sleeep. It’s been really warm here in San Francisco, with the last couple of days in the 90s. This is rare and most residences in the city do not have air conditioning. Last three nights have been fairly sleepless and I’m really dragging. Today is much more tolerable and I’m hoping to get a nice walk in before the sun sets.

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