Shutterbug Rediscovered: I sorta put my camera down for a while late last year. Used it extensively this past weekend and really enjoyed reconnecting with my inner shutterbug. Look for photos in the next day or so.

Finally Together!: After emailing each other all through Helio Castroneves’ run on Dancing with the Stars and staying in touch since, commiserating over the loss of pets and the declining level of competition in our IndyCar series, I FINALLY met Crash Gladys of SpeedFreaks in person this weekend. She is a doll – full of energy and sass and just plain adorable! Kenny Sargent was there as well, with that bad-ass exterior over sweetheart interior. It was great to meet them both.

More Reconnecting: Spent a little more time catching up with the person I disconnected with last fall. I could be wrong, but I think this person may believe I disappeared last year because of  something small, green and shiny. I’m really not petty like that – it was actually some intensely self-focused behavior and a general negative vibe that caused my exit. Hopefully, things will be okay going forward…

Social Butterfly: This week I’m going to meet with a friend and some co-workers I haven’t seen since my surgery. So far I’m booked through Wednesday with one more date to set. This is good for me – I need to build towards being active all day – and it’ll be great to see everyone! Tomorrow I’m finally getting to try GFC – Good Frickin’ Chicken! Nope, not southern fried with a biscuit on the side…this is Mediterranean fare. Shawerma, kebabs, falafel and hummus, etc. Yum!!!

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