Congestive Heart Failure

The news we really didn’t want. My little angel kitty, Sabrina (some of you may have seen her hiding under my quilt when you visited) threw a blood clot Sunday that lodged in her left front paw. While that has dissipated, we’ve run tests to find out what has caused the clotting and discovered fluid in her lungs. She’s in early-stage heart failure. The fluid is not concentrated enough to cause her discomfort now, and she’s taking a diuretic to help slow its advance. But its presence in the xray blocked a good view of her heart, so she’s going in for an ultrasound Friday. They will be able to tell the shape and function of the heart right away, and also see if there might be a tumor causing some of the trouble. They can draw some fluid and test it for cells, as well. If there is a tumor, there’s no good news, even in the short term. We will say goodbye forever on Friday. If no tumor, she can stay on diuretics for a little while, until the fluids make her uncomfortable – that’s weeks to some months.

Please keep my angel in your thoughts. Whichever way it goes, I want her to feel no pain, so will make a firm decision when the first sign appears.

My angel with the funny face

My angel with the funny face

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