Coming Up for Air

Brief Break: I’ve spent every evening this week tossing out, re-arranging, re-orging, scrubbing and prepping things for painting – gotta get all this done and ready for the arrival of my house guest on the 21st. Tomorrow, I’ll finish the last scraping of paint and do all the spackling I need to do in the bathroom and kitchen. Then it gets sanded and both rooms scrubbed, ceiling to floor. Sunday, both get painted. And maybe the wood work in the front hall, if there’s time. It’s been a lot of work, and I gave up a concert in the interest of progress (thanks to the singer guy for the message encouraging my attendance and to the keyboard guy for the offer of guest list – sorry I couldn’t be there). I’m having a great week with this project – it’s incredibly satisfying to freshen up, declutter, re-arrange and decorate anew after living in this space for almost 11 years. It’s a bit like moving without moving, and I can’t wait until it’s done.

Woik, Woik, Woik: Attended a management conference yesterday and had a great day at work today with my team. Jon’s birthday is tomorrow, so I decorated his desk and went in on some donuts (he’s more into pastries than cake) with my other direct report, Lisa. That was the decoy – Lisa’s a terrific baker and made a cake and cupcakes that were killer. She collected about 20 people and invaded a project meeting I had with Jon after lunch. He was successfully surprised. Also, it was the last day for my contractor, Tim, and we took him to lunch. Spent the rest of the day working on goals and issues for the team. My boss (actually, it’s a crime to call him a boss – the guy is a world-class leader, and I couldn’t be more lucky) is helping me use our goals tools to set a course and measure progress in a way that is sensible, concrete and clear. We also had a great brainstorming session to identify issues we’d like to address as we move into our new structure over the next month. It was a rewarding day and has been a great week.

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