Chinese Parade

Gung Hay Fat Choy!: That’s the usual new year greeting you hear in Chinatown this time of year. The world’s largest Chinese festival outside of Asia, the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade, has just wrapped up. It can can take 3 hours to complete and over 1/2 million people were expected to come watch the procession this year – the weather has been perfect this weekend. I can’t bear to be in crowds that large, so I watched on TV while enjoying RnG Lounge’s Special Beef over rice, along with chicken and corn soup. (RnG is a well-known Chinese restuarant just 4 blocks away – I stopped in for some take away late this afternoon.) It’s going to be tough to sleep tonight due to noise – it’s too warm to close the windows, and I live 1/2 block from the Stockton tunnel that runs under Nob Hill. It’s a favorite place for kids to light bricks of firecrackers, which have been going off pretty constantly since sundown, along with larger fireworks. The cats are in hiding, of course… *grin*

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