Frosty Fields: Well, not literally, but the Giants’ game in SF is a nippy affair this evening. I’m home listening on KNBR, closing up the house and turning up the heat. Baseball=spring, so of course once the season starts, it turns cold here.

Is It May Yet?: Can’t wait to see my family and the Indianapolis 500. It’s about a month until opening day at the speedway and the coverage of qualifying, practices and the silly season that goes with it all. Read today that Jim Nabors is well and will be back to sing Back Home Again in Indiana. Helio’s dancing partner, Julianne Hough, will sing the national anthem. She’s as good a singer as she is a dancer. Should be hearing announcements of one-off teams and drivers over the next 2-3 weeks, and waiting especially for confirmation that Davey Hamilton will race again.

Poor (yeah, right) Babies: My two spoiled fur children are curled up on their little table…the one with the soft blanket / heating pad / soft towel on top…sitting in front of the heat fan. They’re snuggled up in all that warmth, purring their pea brains out.

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