Chillax Therapy

Break Time: I’m one of those people that others come to to vent about their concerns or find a friendly ear or get some advice. And it makes me feel good to think that I can help in some way by lending an ear and my time. I wouldn’t want people to stop relying on me in that way, but sometimes¬† I spend too much time analyzing what folks might do to make their situation better. I don’t tell them about my “solutions” unless they ask, and I don’t meddle – not my place – but I worry like a den mom over her cubs. The last couple of weeks have been full of that sort of thing and I need to have a nice, calming weekend spent thinking about fun stuff!

Think I’ll go to bed early so I can get extra sleep and still catch IndyCar practice online in the morning. Bubble bath, then big comfy bed with super soft sheets and an even softer feline…sounds like the perfect kickoff!

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