Belle of the Ball: Helio Castroneves snuck in at the last moment to take the pole for the race at Belle Isle in Detroit tomorrow. You’ve read mentions of Helio earlier in this blog, but many of you non-race-fan types will get to know him better soon. The effusive Brazilian will be featured on the next Dancing with the Stars series that begins later this month. He’s already campaigning for votes everywhere he goes. You’ll like Helio – always a sunny disposition, and his English is just good enough to help him make some pretty funny mistakes with it. Meanwhile, Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon will follow right behind Helio as the race begins tomorrow – Dixon’s 4 points up on Franchitti in the championship standings. Just like last season, we’re going down to the wire…

Pampered: Had a manicure and facial at Cinta today. Planned the rest of the long weekend when I got home. There will be many rest breaks, and a few walks. Weather’s been incredible the last few days. I’ve spent the day listening to Drone Zone on SomaFM, and Lemonchill on MySpace, which is helping things sllloooowwww. down. Ahhhhhhh…..

Busy: Work will be re-igniting soon, and I’m planning changes for my web site, this blog, and also beginning to help an organization with their site. More details on that when it settles down a bit. Three concerts await me this month, as well. And spring cleaning has stretched into fall cleaning, which is actually better timing for San Francisco. Our warm weather happens in September and October, and I need to paint my place so having all the windows open will be necessary. Then when the November rains come, everything will be clean and fresh when I have to close up tight here. Oh, for a 28-hour day…

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