Checking in at last

Chillin: It’s cold here tonight – rushed home, had dinner, took a huge grocery delivery and got that all put away. Me and Joe the Sourdough Starter will be hanging some more this weekend – I’m all supplied with flour and everything else I need for baking! Joe made a nice loaf of bread last weekend, but since he was a new starter, it wasn’t very tangy. He’s resting in the fridge now, but will be out for extra feedings and stretching out in a warm location. I’m learning more about care and feeding and have a plan to keep him out of the fridge and maturing faster over the next week or so. Then we’ll try another loaf.

Egg Overload: Meantime, I was surprised to find a few extra eggs in my grocery order. Usually I buy 6 at a time, since it’s just me and the cats. But in the winter I tend to bake more, so I ordered a dozen. Lifted those out of the bag and looked under some arugula, and there at the bottom was a family carton of EIGHTEEN more eggs. I checked the receipt and wasn’t charged for them – freebie eggs are not a terrible thing, but now I have 31 in the fridge to make use of in the next week or so. Guess I should hit up and find some custard and quiche recipes. Maybe try an egg nog. The possibilities are darned-near endless!

Very Sad: Just read a moment ago that Christopher Bowman, a former child actor and obscenely-talented US figure skater active 15-20 years ago, was found dead in a SoCal hotel room overnight. He struggled much of his life with addiction, and a possible overdose is suspected. Bowman was so blessed with natural athletic and performing ability that, despite a career-long cocaine habit and spotty work ethic, he would pull out performances that usually put him on the podium even while he was grossly under-trained. All the top skaters of his time – Canada’s Kurt Browning and the US’ Todd Eldredge included – knew that Bowman could blow them away if he ever harnessed all that ability with hard training. It never happened, but he sure put some wildly entertaining and dramatic performances on the ice. He would drive his coaches mad by deviating from planned choreography and making up half his routine as he went along – sometimes it faltered, but often it worked. His post-skating life saw him battling rounds of trouble and entering rehab and it’s sad that he never seemed to find an anchor. RIP, Christopher, and thanks for all the memorable moments you gave us.

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