Catching Up…sorta

We’re hurtling towards the end of 2007 (thank any deity you’d like for that!), and I’ve been laid low with a flu bug and have had some time to look back on the year as I make plans for the new one. Lots of changes in my work and personal life made it a year that never seemed to settle on a rhythm for more than a couple of beats. I don’t mind a little change now and then, but this year it bordered on the ridiculous.

Work changes impacted me the most. They were mainly due to a promotion and a few circumstances beyond my control, such as people leaving the team, continual growing pains and changing processes. Most of it hasn’t been easy, and I nearly changed jobs twice. More changes are ahead, and I’ve decided to give it a little more time to settle out and see if things shift for the better. The UI part of the content team is reorganizing again – we won’t be sharing my boss with the category marketing writers anymore – so there may be half a chance for some structure to settle in. That should be for the good.

My personal life changed very intentionally. About this time last year, I decided to usher in a “less is more” and “higher quality, lower quantity” theme. I’ve reduced or eliminated contact with a number of people and left social circles that just don’t fit the new theme. Meantime, I’m making new friends in different areas and around different interests. I’ve gotten even more into open wheel racing this year, and have developed a growing interest in the evolution of online social networking via Web 2.0 and beyond. I’m reading more and spending less time on my usual message boards and email lists and have started volunteering for the Florida Wild Mammal Association. They are planning a revamp of their web site and I will execute those changes when they’re ready.

The theme for 2008 is already set: More Fun. Less Stress. I’ve got a few different activities in mind to try out for the new year, some mental and some physical, that should help me employ the theme quite well. I’ve purchased a URL for my photography and hope to get a separate site set up for that this spring – I need some more photos first. I want to learn more about the technologies that fuel Web 2.0 and perhaps employ them on my own sites. I will be re-doing my apartment from floor to ceiling in the next year. And I have a couple of physical activities I want to try in addition to walking and yoga to take better care of myself and eliminate stress while having fun.

The trick will be finding a way to prevent the work/career track from getting in the way of the personal track as much as it did this year. Wish me luck! *grin*

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