Catching Up…

Nasty: The cold I had was a bear. I slept most of the weekend and have been going to bed really early every night this week. Still a bit tired, but it feels like I’m on the upside at last.

Squish: Went for my baseline mammogram Tuesday (a few years late). Who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to X-Ray round parts with a square machine? It took forever to get the X-Rays taken correctly. We can do better, I think. *sheesh*

SuperDavey!: Mike King mentioned a few weeks ago that Hewlett Packard is on board to sponsor Davey Hamilton in the Indy 500 again this year. And Davey’s been quoted saying he’s definitely running Indy, but no races leading up to it. And No Fenders reports that it will be in a third Roth Racing car!

Racing to Keep Up: There’s so much racing news going on and so many radio and TV programs that I can barely keep up. I may not get to leave my house this weekend…*grin*

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