Catching Up

Move: Didn’t get my desk completely sorted out Friday – work got in the way. So I’ll share a photo when things are settled.

Zoo: Strained a muscle in my back moving and unpacking things, so I didn’t participate in re-landscaping part of the San Francisco Zoo along with my coworkers. ( participated in “Be the Change” Day, organized by Hands On Bay Area.)

2009 Races: Been exploring which races I might attend next year and nailing down hotel reservations while the choosin’s good. My Facebook buddy Tom Beeler is encouraging Kentucky, Chicago or both (I had to take a moment to catch Tom up on my Sonoma adventure…hoo boy) and I’ve been looking at several other races as well. Won’t be able to make all the races I’ve booked rooms for, so I’m selecting options that have flexible cancellation polices…

Corned Beef Hash: Yeah, it’s a heart attack on a plate, but I get a hankerin’ for it 3-4 times a year. (Since it’s so seldom, I always indulge myself when the hankerin’ hits.) Usually, I make it from scratch, but didn’t have all the ingredients I needed this time. So I broke the glass with the little hammer and accessed my emergency rations (aka Hormel Homestyle in a can). I’d been reading well past lunch time and was starving – and why does it take so incredibly long for the stuff to reach that “crispy but not burned” state that makes it so yummy? Anyway, there’s a little left for breakfast tomorrow – an egg and some toast and that’s a hearty start. Mmmmmm!

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