Catching up

Prelude to a Rockin’ Great Time!: Man, I’d love to see Tony Stewart’s charity race in person. Watching it on pay-per-view was a blast. That and the Chili Bowl are now on the Bucket List. (Wait, I’m way too young to have a Bucket List.)

So Tempted by Texas: Last 3 days, I’ve quelled the overwhelming urge to hop a plane last minute and do the race at Texas Motor Speedway. Instead, I kept my responsible side to the fore and stayed home. I have, however, managed to exchange well over 100 emails with a friend who’s there covering it – just in the last two days. I almost feel like I’m there. 🙂 Feels weird to have no ICS race tomorrow, though. I’ll have to go outside and play…

Stunner: Got out for a nice walk to run some errands today. It was perfect here in San Francisco, and will be a few degrees warmer tomorrow (that’s still perfect). Clear skies, low 70s, slight cool breeze. My city sparkled as beautifully as ever today.

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