Bumpy Bump Day

Wild One: I was holding my breath for the last 10 minutes of Bump Day at the IMS today – John Andretti just HAD to get in, and we couldn’t run our biggest race without the Ryan Hunter-Reay’s IZOD car…they’re the league’s new high-profile sponsor. They both snuck in at the last moment, and broke the heart of Alex Tagliani. Seeing Tags sitting in his car – visor slightly open, wiping tears from his eyes – was tough. And now we’ve gotten word that Tags will replace Bruno Junqueira, his last-minute team mate, in the 36 car. This also breaks my heart – Bruno had a brilliant one-day run here – a few laps (10 or 15) in practice, and then he put it solidly in the show. He was a top story of the month so far, and now he’s lost his ride. Indy’s thrilling – and sometimes cruel.

Health Check: Feeling a little better and a little more mobile every day. Kinda limited in my excursions by wardrobe considerations, of all things. I have one skirt that will fit over my blown-up tummy.  (With laparoscopic surgery, they inflate your abdomen with CO2 so they have more room to work. It takes several weeks to dissapate and I look quite pregnant!) I guess I can always opt to wander out in my favorite PJ bottoms – I do have a few pairs of those that I can get on – but that’s kinda like going out of the house with rollers in your hair…  LOL!

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