Movin’, Shakin’, Cookin’, Plantin’: Really busy week. My direct report, Jon, is back from paternity leave – yesterday there were cupcakes, a cake and plenty of other tasty tidbits, lots of meetings and people swinging by to welcome him back. As part of company reorg, we’re moving to another building, and the packing has begun. (I’ll have a window seat with a view of The Stick – schweeeet!) This move is a cooperative – we pack everything by 2 on Thursday, and it gets moved Thursday evening. Friday morning, we report to the new building and unpack. That’s a day lost to any real productivity. It’ll rock though – we’ve long thought our current building is a sick building, and folks who moved to our new building a few months back confirm they’ve been much healthier since.

Another day is lost tomorrow when we all convene at AT&T Park for’s Day at the Ballpark. Brad Hennessey will start for the Giants after we all enjoy a tailgate with the usual dogs and burgers fare. I’m really torn about that – will probably attend but not eat anything until I get inside the park. AT&T is known for its food – especially Gilroy Garlic Fries and a huge range of additional San Francisco treats.

So today, we’re all packing in a hurry since tomorrow is a total loss. And we’re eating more sweets in honor of two birthdays: George’s is today, Alvin’s is tomorrow. They both sit next to me (for two more days) and are two cool designer doods. George knows Dario Franchitti’s cousin, Jarrett, who’s director of apparel at Nike, so we sometimes chat about that and racing. Alvin is another shutterbug who loves the Nikon D80 as much as I do. And the coolest thing happened today: George and Alvin’s boss Vanessa had her second baby – a special present for George. Needless to say, we’re getting nothing done but some packing (NINE boxes for me – I’ve been here 4 1/2 years, so I gots lots of STUFF).

Saturday, the company’s involved in four Hands On Bay Area events – I’m participating in the replanting of landscaped areas at the SF Zoo. We had an informational potluck today (I brought baked macaroni and cheese), got our tshirts and stuffed our faces for a bit. Our company’s partnering with Home Depot, Accenture, Symantec, CBS5-TV, The Gap, See’s Candies, Glaceau’s VitaminEnergy (I love their SmartWater) and Panera Bread on these activities. The ballgame, the move and the zoo cleanup all look like photo ops to me, so check back as the days progress to see wildlife in various forms…

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