Bizzy Week

Overworked: Really starting to pick up at work – I’ve taken on a part of my direct report’s project because it’s a lot bigger than we thought. Also doing two small projects, plus my major one is three times or more the size we thought and will require two writers and a lot of syncing up between the two. Next three weeks are going to be really busy.

The British are Coming: The PFurs, The Alarm and The Fixx will be here in about three weeks, playing a gig at the Mezzanine. Looking forward to a gathering of friends for this one!

Corny, but Wicked FAST: Sunday’s the inaugural Iowa Corn 250, run at Rusty Wallace’s new track at Newton, IA. The banking and surface of the tack give it more grip than anywhere else we run, so lots of wheel to wheel action should occur. It’s gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

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