Bizzy as usual

Eye. C. U.: Went for an eye exam today – ugh. (Hey, I hate that almost as much as the dentist!) The glaucoma “puff,” the lights that go shining here and there, the pupil dilation drops that sting, and the completely wigged-out vision that follows for most of the day all get on my nerves. But, my regular glasses broke, I lost my sunglasses, and my back-up glasses are good in an extreme pinch, but way too old an Rx for regular use. I’m getting two pairs of glasses and a pair of sunglasses made – they should arrive next week.

Sh*t St*r: So this guy who is tour manager for a band I know got in touch last night, suggesting that I might get involved with a certain aspect of the band’s business. This guy has had differences of opinion with the person who is currently doing that work, and there was talk last year that I might help out but it was never fully discussed and there was a lot of doodoo hurled around by the two in disagreement. I ended up squarely in the middle of that. I asked to be left out of their power struggle and greatly reduced my amount of contact with the parties involved. So today I dropped a line to a band member asking if it had been approved by them for sure this time, and I got “huh – news to me. Lemme think this through” as an answer. Yup, Mr. Tour Manager is up to poop stirring again. If anyone is wondering why I won’t break my neck too much to show up on that scene anymore, crap like this is a big part of the reason.

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