Beautiful Things

Diwali 2008: The Indian community at work always holds a Diwali celebration with Indian song, dance and food. The ladies dress in colorful and gorgeous salwar kameez and the men in tunics, there is mendhi (henna tattoo designs), laughter and stories to share. The food is fabulous and the mood festive and Diwali is becoming one of my favorite holidays because of the great vibe of this gathering. Of course, I took photos

Prop H8 Protest: San Franciscans took to the streets this evening to protest California’s vote on Prop 8 ( or Prop h8, as we call it). The passing of 8 bans same sex marriage – I can’t believe this state has actually voted to write discrimination into the constitution. Of late, the city was crawling with Elders bussed in from Utah, Mormons working to get 8 passed. I believe in complete separation of church and state, and abhor that another state and even the Catholic church on the national level spent so much money to meddle in our politics. We’ll turn this thing over somehow…here’s another place to chant “Yes We Can”…oh, and there are photos, of course.

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