Basket Case

That’s Me: It was quite a weekend – first, Sebastian’s vet visit revealed him to be a healthy kitty, except for the $1500 worth of dental work he needs to avoid becoming a very sick kitty. So, I came home and re-figured the budget and found a way to make it happen. Then, yesterday, Sabrina started walking strangely, crying out and hiding and I ended up taking her to the emergency vet last night. After hours of tests and observation, they narrowed it down a bit. They think it’s a blood clot in the left front paw. Painful, and sometimes indicating heart disease but since it’s so low in the paw, it has to be a very small one and they said that’s a good thing. They kept her overnight to give her meds to thin it out. I came home in the wee hours, unable to sleep and having my heart broken by Sebastian, who kept searching and crying for his Sabrina. Her overnight stay, plus the xrays and ultrasound she still needs, ate up most of the budget for Sebastian’s dental deal, so now I have to figure THAT out again. Meantime, my little angel is back home with me, limping and resting but seeming a good bit stronger. I’m wiped out from worry and lack of sleep, but I have to monitor her the next couple of days, so I’m probably going to stay wiped out. *sigh*

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