Back to Work…

…and into the Fire: Dunno how it happened, but several pieces of a project fell off of everyone’s plates over the last month or two, and today we had to sort out what we needed and start scrambling to meet those needs. Once we get it all handled, boy is it going to be fun trying to sort out how many balls were dropped on this one. Really hate it when these things happen.

UK Pal: Got a quick note from him today, saying he and his cohorts would be out my way in April and it was about time they finally got back out here. Hope we can find time for a meal together – I always enjoy feeding him and hearing his tales. Funny guy.

Palmer/Kennedy: Watching 24, it becomes apparent that being a Palmer in politics on that show is about as unsafe as it has been for some Kennedys in real life. Hoping Wayne doesn’t go the way of David… (I’d vote for David Palmer in a blink if it were possible).

Readers: Visitors who’ve stopped by recently range from various places in Florida to Indianapolis to a couple of curious spots in the U.K. Hope you’re all well out there!

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