Ay, Carumba!

SLAP’ed: Today was just one of those days. We’re working on a special project (known as SLAP – I can’t tell ya what that stands for, though) that has been accelerated and compressed. No worries, except that we writers were not informed. So today, both myself and the other writer were working from home, trying to crank out our other projects so as to be free for SLAP next week, when word comes that final copy for protoype testing is due today. It was news to our boss as well, who was freaking out over that and another reason – turns out she had to let someone go today. (The last thing our team needs is another open position – we’ve had trouble filling them for a few months now, since the writing market is so hot and the competition for writers is fierce.) So everything was a fire to put out today – the other writer and I got on the phone and came up with some great copy together, and then we went in for a late day set of meetings about SLAP and about the firing. I woke up this morning not feeling great (took Nyquil and went to bed at 7 pm last night), and with all the stress of the day, I have a headache now. It’s not a terrible one, but I rarely get a headache of any sort and tend to be a baby about them when I do. (Waaaaaaaaaah! LOL!) So I’m going to bed early again tonight. Look for me to be online working this weekend…

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