Arcade Fire

WOW: I’ve loved Arcade Fire’s Funeral ever since a co-worker let me hang out with his brand new Nano in 2005 and that’s what was playing. But I’ve not seen or heard them live – until tonight. A show from New York was webcast live on All Songs Considered from NPR. They’re a freakin’ force of nature live! They mainly did songs from their as-yet-unreleased new album, Neon Bible. Now, playing that high a percentage of unknown tunes will usually bog a set down a little, but not this band. The energy, passion and great new songs carried it straight ahead and the crowd was gonzo for it all. They’re booked for Coachella at end of April, and I’m hoping they work in a few more California shows around that time. I’m dying to see them for myself.

Woohoo!: Just checked the fan site, Us Kids Know, and the dates are now listed: June 1 and 2 at the Greek Theater in Berkeley! I’m SO there… And, they’re the musical guests on Saturday Night Live Feb 24.

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