Another day, another fire

Red Flag: For the second time in as many months, the producers are all meeting to re-schedule my workload. A little over a month ago, a large, high-priority project landed on us. We sent up a flare that we were too understaffed to take this on without something else being eliminated. We were told to suck it up. So, we staggered things best we could and slammed each writer’s plate with as much as it could hold. If nothing went wrong at all, we could just barely do it. Well, one project keeps getting sent back to the drawing board; a secret project got added a couple weeks later, and the big important project is three weeks delayed in the wireframes being completed and much bigger than we thought. Also, I took a piece of my new guy’s project because it was and always has been too much work for just one person. On the original schedule, I have three days to create a copy doc for the priority project that will number well over 200 pages. Not gonna happen. So we’re trying to figure out how to limit the damage. It just infuriates me that we got shoved into this corner – we couldn’t get funding for the staff we needed, and now we’re paying for the fact that the project load hasn’t been lightened as a compensation for that. For all the good in my workplace, the tendency for this to happen on a regular basis makes me wonder just how much longer I should stay.

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