Another (Brief) Update

Giants: The storybook post-season had a Cinderella ending…my Giants are World Champions! The games, the vibe and the parade at the end were some of the most magical times I’ve witnessed. The parade passed just three blocks from my house, so I was in place early in the morning for a perfect spot on a perfect 75-degree November day as the parade rolled down Montgomery Street. Of course, there are photos. The short off season has been full of fun appearances by various Giants and the procurement of cheap seats at several games with promotions. Tomorrow, pitchers and catchers report to Scottsdale Stadium and we make another run at the thing.

Work: Work work work. Work.

Health: Up and down. Fitness program has been sidelined by a series of respiratory issues that we’ve finally sorted out, and a series of tweaks to lower back and joints that are ongoing. Have started walking more again. Am undertaking a series of tests to track down reasons for fatigue.

Cats: In December, Sebastian started losing weight and his appetite. Diagnosis: chronic renal failure. We’re treating him with subcutaneous fluids, supplements and Aranesp for anemia. Several indicators point to heart disease as well, so we can’t be aggressive with the fluids. He’s holding fairly steady, but for how long, we don’t know. We’re at the end of his journey so I’m spending a lot of time with him. Miss Moxie is her usual self, trying to pounce on Sebastian but also washing his ears and snuggling him.

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