Already Good, and Heading for Great

The Weekend, That Is: Woke up early to hear the last practice before qualifying for the IndyCar race at Belle Isle. A technical glitch meant Kevin (“KO”) Olson’s audio wasn’t making the broadcast, and the booth didn’t seem aware of that. I dropped Mike King an email telling him we could hear the other pit reporters but not KO. Mike read the email on the air, saying “We’ll look into that, Bash, not sure why you’re not hearing it. Maybe San Francisco is a KO-free zone.” Dave Wilson chimed in, “Maybe Bash is a car owner – they’ve been ignoring KO for decades.” KO’s next reports were audible, so they figured it out, and I dropped another email saying we were being properly KO’d out here now (that got some chuckles from the booth) and that I was merely a cat owner.

UPDATE 9:45 p.m: I just got a message from a Danica fan on MySpace saying, “You must be the one who let IMS Radio know we couldn’t hear KO in the pits – how many Bashes can there be in San Francisco? Thanks for doing that.” LOL!

Not long after practice ended, I got an email from my friend Gus, whom I haven’t seen in ages. He’s here in the bay area and we’re going to get some pizza at Giorgio’s (best pie in SF!) with our friend Lucy tomorrow night. Woo hoo!

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