Ahhhh, peace….

Fun Friday: Had to go into the office, but it was a really slow day. I decorated my desk for the holidays (a totally garish silver and hot pink motif – completely 80s!) and enjoyed chatting with my direct reports and podmates. The company did a huge breakfast buffet for us, so we spent most of the very lovely morning out in a clear tent enjoying the tasty foodstuffs. We left shortly after 4 pm and I stopped to pick up my three pairs of glasses and hustled home. I’m on call the whole weekend so I can’t really do anything elaborate, but I’m enjoying the peace and quiet.

Awwww: Woke this morning to text messages from some of my boys in Vegas¬† – “Wish you were here.” That’s so sweet. I’m actually glad I’m not there to witness some of the acts of desperation that could be on display. There are lots of tensions in attendance: people obsessed with band members; former lovers who no longer speak; band volunteers who power trip on other fans, etc. It’s so lovely and peaceful when all that isn’t around and it’s just a small group of folks who want to share a few drinks and some laughs. And just got a call from Rupe again – he’s nursing a terrible headache from too much whiskey in the desert.¬† Poor dear. *grin*

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