The Release from HELL: So my boss shows me what’s up with the release we have planned for the fall (we don’t usually do dev in the fall). To do all the high and enhanced priority projects, we’ll need me, Jon B., John F., three other people we DON’T have now and likely won’t find due to the tight market – and we’ll still fall a week short based on man hours. And that’s if NOTHING grows in scope and no last minute projects get added. (Hey, THAT never happens….) Y’know, my workplace is full of wonderful people, but those who decide our project load just don’t seem to understand that we aren’t available 24/7/365. I told my boss yesterday that I was about to start looking for work elsewhere because if one tiny thing goes off track during this next release, it’ll be left to me to pick up the slack again and I can’t carry the team for a third release in a row.

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