A Wild Mile

Fightin’ Traffic: It was a crowded Milwaukee Mile, with 26 cars starting the IndyCar race – largest field in quite some time. Ryan Briscoe got his first IndyCar win, which should divert some focus from his crash-filled career thus far. The trick for him will be to avoid reminding people with more carnage.

Indy winner Scott Dixon led a good deal of the race and finished 2nd.

High- and low-lights:

Graham Rahal is in danger of becoming Graham Ra-Wall. Two races in a row he’s tried to go outside slower traffic and skated into the fence on the marbles. A motor sports writer I occasionally correspond with says Graham is a real dream for his line of work and I can see why – he’s communicative, well-spoken, says what he thinks and it’s clear that he *does* think. He’s got skills on the track, as well, but he still needs a bit more practice picking the best time to make a move.

Townsend Bell started the race like a rocket – passed 11 cars on the first lap! He fell back mid-race but ended up 11th, a full 10 spots ahead of his starting position. A.J. Foyt IV made a similar gain on the first lap, as well.

Oriol Servia drove his way past his original starting place after going down a lap due to needed repairs to a damaged right front wing. Servia finished 6th.

Marco (low): got into another incident, this time involving three cars. (high): As Marco usually does, he manned up and accepted responsibility. Really admire that about him.

E.J. Viso continues to impress on track, even if he still has that little smirk that says “I’m better than this American oval stuff.” Perhaps. But he’s learning quickly and definitely isn’t afraid to make a move. A good 8th place finish for Viso.

Sarah Fisher was the clear recipient of a Bash “Den Mom” Hug for her difficult month at Indy. This week, the hug goes to Vitor Meira. Coming off a terrific 2nd place finish at Indy, Vitor had a rotten weekend at The Mile. He crashed during qualifying, and spent the entire evening (until about midnight) in the garage with his crew while they rebuilt his car. According to the IMS Radio Network, Vitor ventured out for 15 pizzas to feed his guys, and went out again for 30 coffees as the evening wore on and his guys grew tired. Vitor didn’t have a great car today and played it safe all race, just looking for a finish when he got collected in the Carpenter-Andretti crash with three laps to go. Panther has more thrashing ahead of them in order to get themselves ready for Texas next weekend.

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