A Slight Misadventure

Strange Days: This has been some 4-day weekend for me, and it’s only half over. I’m trying to make the most of the positive bits – I’m staying in a cottage in Sonoma that is pretty much my dream home. I’ve never wanted a large space, and this place is a little gem. The full kitchen is small but there’s plenty of storage and work space. There’s both an indoor and outdoor dining space, and a lovely garden next to the house. The living room manages to be spacious and cozy at once. I’d make the bathroom slightly larger to accommodate a claw foot tub, and there would be one more large closet for storage and a washer/dryer combo. Everything else is perfect. I’ll share photos when I get home to my big computer. (Photo cropping and sizing is not a quick task on the Asus Eee PC.)

The exhaustion portion of my health condition is really playing havoc right now. Despite gorgeous weather, I’ve only spent 2-3 hours a day at Infineon Raceway so far for the IndyCar event. If I do everything I’m booked for tomorrow, I’ll get to the track around 7:30 a.m. and be there until at least 5 p.m. I’m due to take a hot lap ride around the track in a safety car, and that session begins at 8 in the morning – UGH. I’m sorely tempted to skip it, but it represents my one true thrill for the weekend, and I’d hate to miss that.

I’ve been given a credential that allows me access to the garage and pits, even during competition. That will be a first for me. So I’m snapping away, capturing cars, personnel, media folks, drivers, wives and girlfriends – a real kid in a candy shop experience for this race fan – one I’m grateful to my visitor for arranging.

The painting I’ve done recently has caused additional problems, in the form of very tight back muscles. Yesterday I carried a backpack and camera bag at the track, and it proved too much. This morning at about 3 or so, I awoke with spasms between my shoulder blades. I did as much yoga stretching as I could muster and eventually the spasms let up. But as the day in the pits wore on today, my lower back seized up, even though I’d left all bags behind and had only my camera with me. Once Helio Castroneves nailed his 26th career pole, I headed back to the cottage, stopping along the way for some take-out slices from Mary’s Pizza Shack (HIGHLY recommended). I have one pepperoni and two cheese slices remaining – a delicious evening snack and blissful breakfast ahead.

As far as the visitor goes, well, let’s just say it’s been a strange trip so far, and it will be done soon enough.

Just had a nice nap and I’m off to soak my back now…need to rest up for tomorrow.

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