A Giant Week

Orangetober: It’s been a long time since I posted here. Very busy with various sites during the end of the IZOD IndyCar Series season. Usually, when they wrap up in early October, my sports are done until Spring Training. But the San Francisco Giants have made October a fantastic thing – this city is turning orange and black and people are even more friendly than usual. The Giants have scraped and clawed and found a way to torture us regularly as they won the NDLS West Division and beat the Atlanta Braves to advance to the NLCS. Today, we beat the Phillies 3-0 for a 2-1 lead in that series – the first game we’ve won by more than a run in quite a while. Had a fun conversation with a total stranger today about that:

HIM: Did you go to the game?

ME: No, I had to work. (I was decked out in team gear.)

HIM: Can you believe it? 3-0? It was too easy!

ME: Yeah, they’ll make us pay for it in tomorrow’s game – every inning will be murder!

HIM: I was finally adjusting to the drama.

ME: Yeah, I know! I was at my desk all afternoon, listening to the game, and I got tons of work done because I wasn’t stopping to breathe into a bag every 10 minutes. Felt so strange!

HIM: Even if it ends with the NLCS, I’ll be really happy with this season. This has been so much fun.

ME: Totally agree – but we’ll take all the icing we can get on this cake!

Saw several cars with Giants colors and fans hanging out the windows, cheering and yelling and folks on the sidewalks were cheering back at them all. This was a couple hours after the game ended and the vibe was still rolling. SO much fun. Hoping the Giants win the next two at home and wrap it up…can’t even speak the words for the next step. #NoJinx!

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