A Few Last Things

Prepping: A few more chores around the house and I’ll be ready for a good long sleep and surgery tomorrow. (UCSF Mt Zion at 11 am PT, if you wanna send positive vibes my way.) I may be home tomorrow night, or Friday or Saturday – it just depends on how things go. I’ve got folks lined up to stay with my Sebastian cat and others to bring me home and bring me home cooked meals. Time to pamper the princess! 🙂

I’m looking forward to ending the losses (2 cats and now a body part in 5 months) and to gaining my health back. I haven’t felt well in well over a year. That’s about to change. And I have so much lined up for my convalescence at home – Giants baseball on the radio, all the Indy festivities for May, a stack of recently-purchased CDs and concert DVDs (mostly U2), some movies and a bunch of books to read. Can’t wait until I can resume power walking and regain my health.

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