A Day in the Life

6:00 AM: Woke up, got out of bed, dragged the cat across my head…oh wait. Wrong life. Staggered into the kitchen to the lovely tones of squalling felines wanting their breakfast. Decided I wanted bacon (love it, but limit it) so I had to live through even more squalling felines wanting MY breakfast. New kitty (Felix) turned up his nose when presented with his offering of fried pig. He’s a strange little dood…

7:00 AM: Armed with personalized presale code, jumped online and snagged one GA and one seated ticket to see U2 at the Rose Bowl in October. (May be too old to GA – so I grabbed a seat and can decide on the day what I want to do.) GA ticket was a reasonable $55. Don’t even ask about the seat…the sticker shock definitely woke me up. 20 rows or so up, on Adam’s side. No pinching The Posh One from there…drats.

8:30 AM: Tooled down 101 in my ZipCar on the 15-minute commute to Brisbane for work. Daily to-do list only slightly longer than my arm. That’s an improvement. I dove in and barely come up for air…

12:20 PM: 20-minute chair massage from the most-awesomest Sabina. Ahhhhh….

1:00 PM: Leave of Absence orientation meeting with HR. I was the only non-pregnant woman in the room. They all checked out my big, round tummy. Nope,  not a baby. Cake. 🙂

2:20 PM: Finally got off the phone with my boss (he’s at the Web 2.0 expo) and almost fainted. Gee, I guess it’s time for lunch. Headed out in the ZipCar and found something terribly unhealthly to eat. Gorgeous day in the bay.

3:10 PM: Back at that to-do list.

4:45 PM: Brain-fried. Needed the car today to run errands, so I headed off to the nearest discount store (Target) to start stocking up for post-surgical recovery. Double doses of toiletries and some lounge/sleepwear and undies a size bigger than normal to accomodate the post-puncture swelly belly. CA state tax went up to 9.75% today. Ouch.

6:30-ish PM: Ocean Beach. I try to see the Pacific when I have a ZipCar. Got out into a stiff wind and I’m still finding sand in things. Got back into the car, rolled down the window and breathed………

7:00 PM: Got the ZipCar stashed in its bed, walked home to find two squalling felines who wanted their dinner, then mine. Deja vu…

10:30 PM: Poli-shows watched (Maddow is Must See TV for me), emails read, Twitter skimmed. Bedtime and some Web 2.0 time for me tomorrow. Night.

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