Mental Vacation

Takin’ a Break: Working hard today, after being up until 1 a.m. working on my place. (Bathroom painted – Bashie wiped out. Sore muscles on sore muscles!) Taking a brief respite now and daydreaming about a long weekend later this month when it’s up to Sonoma for the race weekend. I am ready for another race – nothing live for me since Indy. Sonoma will be great, with gorgeous cars and beautiful scenery – look for loads of photos to appear here soon after. I’ll also be taking a hot lap ride in a pace car and will have pit access (a first for me). A priority is to find my MySpace friend, Bud Moeller – there was much merriment in my “search for Bud” at last year’s race.

I gotta finish my place before a friend arrives that weekend. And there’s so much to do at work.

On that note, better get back to it…

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