Fuming: Most of my longer-term readers will remember I had a medical condition that required surgery two summers ago. I could tell the condition was returning earlier this year because my weight shot up about 25 pounds over a couple months and NOTHING I do knocks it back down. That’s a lot of extra for a 5’2″ person to carry around and it makes me tired most of the time. On top of that, the condition causes periods of extreme fatigue (like right NOW, for instance). Overall effect – I’m always trying to conserve energy when I know I have physical activities coming – such as painting the bedroom this weekend.

After work, I picked up a computer accessory and about $25 worth of candy for my desk (Den Mom likes to supply the whole floor at work with chocolates). I also stopped at Cole Hardware and got bunch of items, including a gallon of ceiling paint. I was loaded down like a pack mule, so I wanted to catch a bus instead of walking home. The plan was to paint the bedroom ceiling and start on the woodwork this evening, so I needed to save energy for that. A few moments later a bus arrived, but the driver wouldn’t let me on. “You can’t bring paint on the bus.” Imagine me – a chubby mid-40s woman in her 92nd running Indy 500 event jacket – a threat with a new, sealed can of ceiling paint. Yup, I was surely gonna whip that can open, bust out a brush and start tagging “Danica Patrick” and “Tony Kanaan” on all over the bus interior. *sigh*

I knew from NextBus data that another bus was just a few blocks behind this one, so I dug my canvas bag out from under all that candy in my backpack, stuffed the gallon of paint in it, slung it over my shoulder and took that next bus home. But now I’m royally peeved….as I shuffled on and off the crowded vehicle with my haul, I managed to tweak a muscle in my upper back. No painting for me tonight – and I really needed to get a start on the job. Will be handling some smaller chores, catching some Olympics coverage and going to bed early. Tomorrow will be a very busy day.

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