9 January 2007

Sick again: This has been the crappiest winter for colds, etc. I missed work today due to congestion, sore throat, aches and clogged ears. Spent most of the day sleeping in a Nyquil-induced state. I thought I was just really tired yesterday, but obviously it was this thing coming on. Gotta get rid of it by the weekend – Friday night is Joshie P.’s second birthday dinner, and Saturday night, I’m shooting a co-worker’s gig. I edited the bio for his web site, too. See Jay Trainer’s page over in my links section to the right.

Grins: Got a belated wish for a “Happy New Thing” from my musical friend Todd. He lives on Kaua’i, poor thing, and they do everything on island time (which means late). That’s okay. It was nice to hear from him.

New Views: A reader in Virginia stopped by this week, as well as New York, Atlanta, TEJAS! and my usual gathering.

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