20 December 2006

PDC: Particulary Delicious Coworker (PDC) was on my shuttle again tonight. Poor dear is visiting family in Hawaii for Christmas. (It’s still FREEZING here…) *sigh* That’s sounds delightful.

NYE: Still debating whether I should try to ring in the new year in Miami (my musical pals are playing a big gig there). I hate flying this time of year – always end up sick. That’s about the last thing I need. But to be somewhere warm…(it’s still FREEZING here…). We’ll see.

Santa, Baby: Someone asked what would be a perfect holiday gift for me this year. I said “a week at the Spa in Ojai sounds perfect!” (That’s outside everyone’s budget in a GOOD year…) I think I need a vacation. Did I mention, it’s still FREEZING here? Okay. Well, it is. 🙂

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