November 2006

30 November 2006
From My Journal: Strangest thing a guy ever said to me – from someone I saw occasionally while on the road the last couple of years (we both travel a lot). After having awakened together several mornings, he dopily muttered, “Bash, it’s nice that you don’t make a scene in the morning.” Completely out of the blue, with no context. Huh? I didn’t pursue clarification, but couldn’t help but conclude that he hadn’t been keeping good, sane company elsewhere. Some boys are so DUMB!

STILL Brrrr: I haven’t felt my fingers and toes for days…

Work: INSANE. Twice as much work this week as any time I can remember in my three years at the current post. So much meeting, strategizing and decision-making that the only time I have to WRITE (it’s what they pay me for) is when I log back on after I get home at night.

More New Views:
Poland, Hungary and France have stopped by. Still have regular readers in Atlanta and Chicago. If I know you, leave a comment! (Comments from new friends also welcome.)

29 November 2006
Brrrrrrrrrrrrr: Tonight it may hit freezing in San Francisco – the coldest in the 10 years I’ve been here. Thank goodness my cats LOVE to crawl under the blankets with me!

Bubbles: I have a great old claw foot tub in my apartment, and there’s nothing better than a bubble bath on such a nippy night. Currently in stock are Christmas Day, Karma and Sunny Day bubble bars from Lush, Lavender bubble bath from L’Occitane and Almond bubbles from H2O+.

Addicted: Trader Joe’s truffles. Heavenly smooth, dark but not bitter, and $3 for a box of 25.

28 November 2006
Time Flies: Where’d November go? In fact, where have the last two years gone? I remember ringing in 2005 in Phoenix with a bunch of friends, some great music, parties and an hours-long romp in bed (how else would Miss L. Toe properly start a new year?). Since then, time seems to have kicked into hyperdrive. And the two years have morphed into a single unit – I have to stop and sort out during which year certain things happened. Folks assure me this is all a part of the aging process, but I really don’t want to accept that just yet. Let me continue to think there’s some other phenomenon driving the acceleration of time. Maybe someone threw kryptonite in the universe’s chronograph. Or some speed. We can’t be getting OLD…

Brrrr+: It’s still FREEZING. Here in San Francisco, many apartment buildings don’t have central heating units. They’re rarely needed. It stays warm enough here that most places are built with small electric heat fans in the wall or with steam radiators. That’s just not enough power for days like these – it’s just impossible to get this place warm.

New Views: New readers from various parts of Germany and all over the US Midwest, including St. Louis and Chicago for numerous visits. Also, a particularly faithful reader in Ireland the past few days – maybe you’ll share this blog with family and friends?

Currently on Nob Hill
Now Eating: Yoplait Light Key Lime yogurt
Now Playing: Blue Wonder Power Milk – Hooverphonic
Now Watching: Nothing. Waiting for 24 to resume in January.
Now Reading: My Life – Bill Clinton. Beneath a Vedic Sky – William Levacy.
Now Missing: San Francisco Giants baseball. Can’t wait for spring training!
Now REALLY Missing: My sister-in-arms Janet – wish you lived here.
Now Feeling: Grrrrrrrrreat! It’ been about a week that my energy levels have been close to normal. Woo Hoo!

27 November 2006
Blog: Yup, yer awake. It DOES look way different today. I like the look of the first one better, but it had no flexibility for longer messages, different categories or password-protected posts (which I hope not to have to use too often). So I installed some software (WordPress) and threw my old posts in. I’m not completely happy with the look but decided I needed these capabilities sooner rather than later. I’ll have more time next month to tinker with the layout and look, so please bear with me.

Brrr: Dag blast it, it’s COLD here! San Francisco doesn’t normally get so cold – a real oatmeal and hot chocolate kind of day.

26 November 2006
WTF?: Heard today that someone with whom I’ve had something of a misunderstanding thinks this blog is about her. (I thort it was about ME! ) Here’s the deal, dearie: There was one reference to you (now removed) that merely stated you appeared to be reading my blog. (And really, is there nothing else to read?) If you see anything else that you think pertains to you, then it does so beyond my ken. It’s not pleasing (but also not surprising) to find that others are being involved in your misperception regards this.

(For everyone else out there, sorry for wandering into such vague territory. I guess I could expound on it in a password-protected post for you, but I’d rather move along to other topics.)

24 November 2006
Wow: I started this blog so I could keep two friends back east, some family and a couple of fellow music fans up to date without emailing, PMing, IMing and texting the same thing to all these different folks while I’m off-the-grid busy. Been blogging for a couple weeks now, and thought I’d check my webstats to see if anyone’s reading. Although I posted a link on a small music board, little did I imagine so much traffic! Folks at Pentland Brands/Brandon Loadtite in Willesden UK. Someone reading my oldest blog page from a link in a Yahoo email in the St. Louis area. A potpourri of one-off viewers from around the world – different every day. Since word’s getting around and I seem to be getting broader readership than I imagined, perhaps I’ll develop a theme over time and give ya’ll more interesting stuff to read. Please bear with me, and welcome to BashUp!

Fun: UK pal called today. He was in good spirits. They played Toronto – a large, sold out venue, and a great vibe for them. Only downer was the loss of their merchandise – they were pretty steamed about that. He shared some gossip and news and made me laugh as usual.

Health: Four days in a row, I’ve felt great!

Food: Turkey. Turkey sammiches. More turkey. It was my best bird yet – I’m lovin’ it!

23 November 2006
Turkey Bash Awards 2006

Flighty Birds: Paris Hilton and her ilk. Mental featherweights. What’s attractive about such vapidity?

Musical Bird Droppings: Kelly Clarkson, et al. All these much better unsigned bands on MySpace and we’re stuck hearing “Since U Been Gone” at every turn. Why?

Tom Turkey: Former date – alternately inept, clueless, crying. Skip diving for “attention” from others (can’t lose face by retiring for the night arm in arm with THEM, can ya?)

What the Flock: Since when it is okay to take and use other people’s creative work without their knowledge or consent, and without even crediting them?

Goose Egg: Results of the Republican campaign strategies this time out. (Halleluia-it’s time for a change!) Perhaps a little less greed and fearmongerin’ next time?

22 November 2006
Thanksgiving: Thankful for great sisterfriends – Deb, Rani, Janet, Dyna and Plum. Health. Family. Amazing, soft, gorgeous feline-kids. Great co-workers. The opportunity to live in San Francisco. The cable cars that run past my place. Being single and loving it. Unique experiences with musical friends and the opportunity to help and host them on occasion.

Interesting: UK pal texted to say he and cohorts got a full hour instead of 50 minutes to play last night. They’ve traveled all the way across the pond to work less than 3 hours…

Health: Two days in a row, I’ve felt great!

Food: Brining the turkey, baking the pie. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow to feast, relax and enjoy.

CritterCheck: They’ve been sniffing around the refrigerator since I put the bird in to brine. They’ll be two happy puds tomorrow!

19 November 2006
Family: Happy birthday Dori!!! 11 more years and you’ll be old enough to marry Lightning McQueen, just like you want.

Food: Turkey – check. Bread for dressing – check. Pumpkin for pie – check. I’m ready – is it Thanksgiving yet?

18 November 2006
Fun: UK pal called today. He’s on the east coast for business next week – his cohorts, including various forms of madness and Mr. Kicked-to-the-Curb, will follow in due time. Pal flew over early to visit friends and was doing a bit of thrift shop trolling when he called. His descriptions of some of his findings were quite amusing…

Sad: Some dear friends lost their Mom/grandmom. There’s never a good time for this sort of thing, but just as the holidays are starting is the worst timing possible. My heart’s hurtin’ for them.

13 November 2006
Work: Lots of marketing writing lately, which is new for me. It’s hard – headlines and taglines have to be super-brief, but also deliver an impact. I have to ask more questions and write more drafts, but it’s fun! I’m also handling all the assignments for the UIW staff and planning our workload and helping schedule deadlines and milestones. It keeps me busier than ever and the boss is happy she doesn’t have to do it.

Personal: Still suffering some long-term effects of the surgery. Really tired compared to normal.

Weather: Cue Bette Midler/Bob Dylan, “Buckets of Rain”

11 November 2006
Work: Nope (it’s Saturday)

Personal: It’s that time of the year – the doldrums (in San Francisco it rains from November to March).

Survival Plan: Bubble baths, full spectrum natural light bulbs, oatmeal, yogurt and yoga.

Critter Check: Same story, different day (see 10 Nov 06 Critter Check for details).

10 November 2006
Work: Slowly recovering from our site redesign.

Personal: Birthday – survived another year on planet erff.

Critter Check: Sebastian and Sabrina are doing the Cat Thing – sleeping in a pile on the bed.

PoliCheck: Both house and senate are blue, and our next president should be, too (Obama 2008).

Joke: A duck walks into a bar and quacks its head…

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