29 January 2007

Dad: Dad’s having some heart issues and will be going into hospital Wednesday for testing and tinkering (he has a pacemaker). Trying to get more details out of Indiana – Dad’s being all mum about it, but stepmom has been in touch with one of my sisters.

Sick Again: Home from work today – achy, sore throat, etc. Hoping to get back to bed soon, but the Dept. of Public Works is outside in the street with jack hammers, chipping away at the pavement. Pain in the *$$…

RIP, Barbaro: Just heard the Kentucky Derby winner had to be euthanized. He fought for so long to recover from his leg-shattering stumble at the Preakness. This critter lover is sad to hear he didn’t make it.

Recent Readers: Waiting for the noise to stop outside, so I checked my stats. Recent visits from Minnesota, Tejas, a regular reader in Georgia, and a really long look today from someone in the Michigan State government (have we met?). Hope they don’t get fired for surfing so much at work…

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